About New Generation

New Generation is a cross-denominational movement of young Christians meeting in groups to pray and do creative outreach in their schools, colleges and universities. Some put up posters, give away cakes or organise theme days. Others clean up their schools, give Bibles to friends or speak at assemblies. All of them aim to contribute to a positive environment and make the message of Jesus available to their generation.


The motto “My School, My Responsibility” sums up what New Generation is all about: young people reaching young people with the message of Jesus through their own initiatives, ideas and prayers.
Our dream is to see a group of young Christians living out their faith in every school in the UK by setting up and running peer-led groups focused on PRAYER and CREATIVE OUTREACH. We believe these groups can proactively contribute to a positive school environment combatting bullying, racism and other social issues.

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School Groups

For New Generation, school is the most important place in the world. A place where we aim to see Christian message of love demonstrated both in word and in action.
We believe that young Christians from all different backgrounds can work together to make a positive difference, and our full-time Teams of volunteers are here to support and stimulate that. By starting a New Generation group, you’re making sure there’s an active Christian presence in your school that can contribute to a better school environment.

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Originating with a group of students reaching out at Oslo University in the mid 90s, the New Generation vision quickly spread throughout Scandinavia and to other parts of Europe.
By the early 2000s young Brits were showing interest in the model and starting their own peer-led groups in school. In early 2004 leaders from different denominations came together to look at helping set things up officially in the UK, and since then young Christians have taken up the challenge to live out their faith in over 350 schools across the country.

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New Generation is an independent, cross-denominational organisation that functions as an umbrella and support network for registered peer-led groups in over 350 schools, colleges and universities in the UK.
The national organisation exists to provide training, resources and support for these local groups and is run as a registered UK charity in line with the rules and regulations set out by The Charity Commission. This includes having a board of trustees oversee the running of the organisation and an AGM where members are involved in making decisions.

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