Idea #31: Serve Your School

Posted: 15 Oct 12 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

You and your group could have a ‘Serving Week’ where you dedicate a whole week to serving the school… Things like removing graffiti from walls or chewing gum from under desks are great ways of taking responsibility for your school. Let your head teacher know about your plans, they’ll most likely be more than willing to accept your help!

Not only are you being an example to other students, you’re paying respect to the school staff and displaying the love of God in a practical way – and that’s a powerful thing that has the potential to touch lives! You’re showing people that there’s something different about knowing God that makes you selfless and a servant of others.

This idea is pulled from the ‘101 Ideas’ magazine, a great new resource chock-full with tips & ideas, ranging from big creative outreaches to small positive intiatives for you to throw into a brainstorming session, plan into your CU’s calendar, have a go at, or to get your creative juices flowing for some fresh new ideas of your own!

For more ideas, check out the mag here: http://www.newgeneration.co.uk/magazine. The team will also be bringing printed mags to group visits and youth meetings so let us know if you need more than a handful!


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