500 Lollies

Posted: 29 Nov 10 | By: NG Team

York College has around 1600 students and the Christian Union there wanted to make their mark and let the college know they were there. They started by buying 600 lollipops and attaching a small piece of paper with an encouraging handwritten message on each piece of paper. They also wrote the day and time the CU meets. All in all, around 500 of the lollies were handed out, and Emma Brookes, a member of the CU, wrote us a message saying “It went surprisingly good. We’d done similar things before, and, at least for me, they didn’t seem to be the greatest success. Many people seemed overly wary of us, and we didn’t manage to give that many out. But this time people were really open…and some even wanted to stop and talk to us. People were even coming to find us later on, and were really excited to see us, which was a great feeling”.


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