A girl healed & 200 Bibles!

Posted: 01 Nov 11 | By: NG Team

Sanni and her group are planning to impact their whole year!

Sanni is in her last year in High School in Finland, she has had a NG for a while and has seen some amazing things happen. Sanni prayed for a girl during the lunch break who had a swollen ankle. After she prayed the swelling immediately disappeared and she was able to walk on it normally. Not only was that girl healed, she also gave her life to Jesus straight after!

More recently Sanni’s group had been brain storming together, to decide what their next project should be. They finally decided that they wanted to hand out NG New Testaments to the whole year. They were going to need 200. The first hurdle was to ask for permission from the Headmaster, however after timidly presenting the idea to him, he agreed and gave them permission to do it. All that was left was to raise the €500 needed to buy the Bibles.

There are four different churches represented in Sanni’s group, so they have planned to ask their local churches if they could support their bible project.

If you are looking for some new ideas, then why not do like Sanni’s group. Organising a Bible project is simple yet powerful, you can do it however you like. You can hand out one to a mate, or like Sanni, hand out Bibles to the whole year. It is also a great Christmas project!

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