A Life-Changing Valentine

Posted: 04 Mar 11 | By: NG Team

Small initiatives can make a big difference.

On Valentine’s Day we got a message saying “Hey, it’s Emma from Bolton. Laura and I bought loads of heart-shaped post-it notes and wrote quotes and nice things on them, and then we stuck them all around the school this morning. There was about 100 or something, and it felt good seeing everyone reading them and picking them up. We wrote some like encouraging quotes, some with Bible verses, and other just had some funny things on them. All the teachers liked the idea, and some people picked the notes up and stuck them on themselves. Everyone liked it though, and we can’t wait to do something like that again!”.

Our small initiatives definitely can change lives, something that the group at GUC College in Sweden experienced when they put up some hearts a few years ago. What that group didn’t know was that on that very day, a girl came to the school planning to make it her last day and take her life after school that afternoon. She’d been depressed and lonely for a long time, and had planned her suicide for Valentine’s Day. When she walked down the school corridor that morning, she gave herself a little opening, thinking to herself “If I get one sign that life’s worth living, then I won’t commit suicide. But that’s never happened before, so why should it happen today?”. Just minutes later, she’s standing at her locker, reading a message that says “Your life has a meaning”. She was so surprised, and almost thought someone was playing a trick on her. “But how could they have known?”. After looking at the other hearts on the nearby lockers and seeing that only hers had that specific message, she was convinced. A few weeks later, she emailed the group leader and told her story, and a few months later, the girl became a Christian. That heart may well have saved her life, and the girl also got to know God through this amazing, but simple, initiative.

Our seemingly small projects and initiatives are powerful, and really can be life-changing. So, well done Emma and Laura for showing some love on Valentine’s Day, and be inspired to do something in your school too for World Book Day, Easter, or any other day that take your fancy!

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