Struggling to meet up?

Posted: 20 Oct 11 | By: NG Team

The CU at St Teilo’s High School in Cardiff is an encouragement to us that prayer works!

The group didn’t have a specific time last year in which they could all meet. They’ve been praying for it and this year their prayers were answered! When they received their new schedule they saw that there was an extra hour slot in the timetable that enabled the CU to take place regularly!
They’ve had a really great start to the year with almost 20 people in their Sixth Form CU alone. They also held a “Life Assembly” in the beginning of Term for years 7 to 13, where they were able to share the gospel with them.
The group is really seeking Jesus for their school, fired up to reach out and has lots of great ideas for things they can do in their school.

  1. Jim Toner | 20 Oct 11


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