Posted: 25 Feb 14 | By: NG Team

Sometimes it feels like we’re reaching out, and nothing’s happening.

Even if we know that God can use us, and that he’s faithful in his promise to answer our prayers, it can still be disheartening when we’ve handed out a zillion cakes, covered every inch of the school with posters, and prayed for a month, and still haven’t seen revival hit the maths classrooms yet!

But Good news! The bible tells us that “the word of God is alive and ACTIVE” (Heb 4:12), and that it will always accomplish God’s purposes and bear fruit! (Isaiah 55:11)

It was 15 years after leaving school, at a class reunion that Maria got to hear of how her faith had an effect. During the evening, a girl that Maria didn’t know very well wanted to talk to her. After school this girl had made a successful career for herself, made a lot of money and had everything she could ask for. Until one day, alone in her apartment she realised something was missing. It was then that everything Maria had told her about Jesus- TWELVE years ago- came back to her! Those words were enough for her to decide to make a commitment to Christ, and she received Jesus right there in that apartment!

TWELVE years. The word of God is LIVING, and ACTIVE! What you say today, could transform lives years into the future.

10th March, we challenge you to say “I’m a Christian, Ask Me Why” to your school, and give God’s word some time to work!

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