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‘The Bless Project’

Posted: 27 Jan 12 | By: NG Team

Hear about an amazing initiative which is transforming two schools near Derby.

Belper Christian Union, which has been running since March 2010, had seen quite a few of its members go to University leaving a relatively small group. With support from a local Youth Worker and a local Curate the group launched the “Bless Project.” The adult leaders ran some assemblies advertising the project and at the launch party in November about 85 students turned up to eat cake, do a quiz, attempt a “bless challenge” and most importantly, to sign up to bless people through organised activities.

The next week 8 students attended a cake bake after school and then gave away these baked goodies to the “behind the scenes” staff in the school. A few weeks later 15 students joined in with a litter pick around the school.

Before Christmas the Bless Project did some card and present making with around 30 students turning up to join in. During the exam period 25 students helped to make small gifts with an encouraging message to give to all the students taking exams.

Other students also met over a few lunchtimes to come up with their own activity ideas, such as doing their own cake bake at home to bless family and neighbours.

One of the aims of the “Bless Project” has been to build the profile of the CU group in order to see it grow from the small number of Christians currently involved. It is also a great way of changing the school for the better, showing Christianity in a positive light. The teachers and pupils have received the “Bless Project” very warmly and it’s profile is spreading.

In the spring, the Christian Union in a neighbouring village school, Ecclesbourne, will also be launching the Bless Project. The aim again is to increase the profile of the Christian Union, engage with students who otherwise would not ever come into the group and to bless the school as a whole.

The C.U. are currently putting together ideas and preparing a presentation about the Bless Project and ideas for the Head teacher.

We think these ideas are brilliant! Here at New Generation we think initiatives like this are so important, as you will be spreading the love of Jesus across the school or college you have been placed. How can you bless your schoolmates?


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