“Best thing I’ve ever done”

Posted: 10 Mar 11 | By: NG Team

We talked to Peter van Strijen, who’s on Team with us up North, and asked him what he thinks about his Team year so far. Peter’s 25, comes from Holland, and moved to the UK to intern with us last August. The main things a volunteer Teamer does at New Generation is support existing school groups, help get new groups running, and visit churches to spread ideas and introduce the concept.

“Teaming with New Generation is by far the best thing I’ve ever done! You get to meet so many interesting people all over the UK, and you get to see God working in an awesome way in schools and colleges all over Britain. The best thing is that you’re part of what’s happening, because you’re helping the young people to reach out in their school! You also get to live together in a house and share your life for a year, which is a really great experience!

Last week was one of my best weeks so far! I got to travel to 8 places in 1 week, and covered more than 1000 miles of North England territory. Your year will be packed with greats meetings with awesome people, schools visits with incredible young people who who are impacting their schools with the message of Jesus, and you’ll also have a lot of fun together with the Team in between!

If you’re considering doing a gap year, you definitely should pick this one! It’s a lot of fun, and it’ll totally change your life! Go for the best, and join the Team at New Generation UK!!!”

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