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Caroline Chisholm sweets outreach

Posted: 24 Feb 12 | By: NG Team

These two girls where at our ‘Faith, Hope and School’ event in Solihull

Evangeline and Favour are part of a Christian Union at Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton. This is what they had to say about their Christian group…

‘As a Christian Union, we felt like God was telling us to do something for our school at Christmas time. We began to discuss ways of showing God in our school and came up with the plan of giving out free sweets and leaflets about God. The leaflets were called ‘Why Jesus?’ which explained the essential things about God and having a relationship with Him. So we all put our money together to buy the sweets and leaflets.

The outreach took place on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. On this day we all felt nervous as we did not know what would happen and how people would respond. We prayed throughout the week leading up to that day that God would have His way with the outreach and that the students of our school would be so to Him. By doing this we gained confidence knowing that we were going to step out in faith and share the love of God to people!

On that day we had managed to find a table, which we were grateful for as we thought we would have to get one. Once we had the table we set out the sweets and the leaflets on it. Within a few minutes, students were asking how much the sweets were and were very surprised when we told them that they were free. We truly believed that setting the example of generous giving, showing that some things in life can be free, would affect the students. We were actually told by them that it was a very nice thing to do!

Whilst the students were taking the sweets we told them to take a leaflet with them. We were wondering whether they would have been bothered about taking a leaflet when there were free sweets around but the response from the students was amazing; some of them even came to us just to get a leaflet! They all seemed very intrigued and just to witness this curiosity was worth every moment that we were there.

As the students were with us, we told them that we were Christian Union and said phrases like ‘Jesus loves you’. Saying these phrases became more natural to us as time progressed.

Although we felt very nervous at the start of the outreach, we knew that we were taking a step in boldness which God has called us to do within our lives and for our school. Doing this outreach has helped to build our confidence and has helped us realise what we are meant to do as a Christian Union in our school.’

We just want to say a huge well done to everyone in the Christian Union, and also tell you, that if they can do it in their school, then so can you!


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