Christmas Time = Bible Time

Posted: 09 Dec 10 | By: NG Team

It’s that time of the year again: your mum is putting up the Christmas tree, the high street is now adorned with little lights and snow, and a round, bearded guy in a red suit is popping up everywhere. Yep, it’s almost Christmas. To be honest, I’m quite liking it. Although I strongly dislike early signs of Christmas (people who play carols near me before the 1st of December can usually expect a friendly slap or a stern stare), once it’s December I start to enjoy it. I’m not really into carols, but the Christmas albums of Relient K, Sufjan Stevens and the likes make me very happy. One other thing that makes me happy? Presents.

It might sound materialistic, but yes, I really love presents…actually, don’t we all? The great thing about them, is that you get stuff which you wouldn’t really buy yourself, but still really like. There’s loads of stuff I’d like to have, but I don’t really have the money for it, and I don’t see the need to buy it either. But then at Christmas someone else can buy it for you! (Except for your nan, who always gives you socks, which you would’ve bought yourself otherwise. Ah, bless her, she means well.)

One of the things your friends would probably never buy themselves, is a Bible. A dusty old book, full of stories they don’t think are relevant to them. I mean, why would they need a Bible? Well, for starters, the stories are actually relevant to them. The word of God is living, and speaks to us today. It’s packed with stories that apply to our daily lives that can actually make a huge difference. And you might know this, but there’s quite a chance you heard this in church. Unless you tell this to your non-Christian friends, there’s a big chance they will never hear about it!

Christmas is a great time to hand out Bibles, since the end of the year is often a time when people start to think about life. Why not give a Bible to a few friends, like Dani from Solihull did? After the Christmas break one of his friends came back and thanked him, having read the whole New Testament over the Christmas holidays! Or if you want to go really big, why not do what Izzy and her friends from London did last year and hand out Bibles to the whole school? They fundraised money for 600 New Testaments, and people could pick them up at a stand in school. They went like hotcakes, and when they ran out people were even crying because they didn’t get one! Yes, really!

The Bibles we sell are small, well-designed, and have some great testimonies in them. They’re only 3 pounds, and if you buy bigger amounts you even get a discount. Take a look on to find out more about how to order your Bibles. This festive season, give your friends a present that lasts for a lifetime!

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