CU Encouraged Teachers

Posted: 01 Nov 10 | By: NG Team

Juliette and her Christian Union came up with a brilliant idea on how to encourage the teachers in their school. They decided to get some green paper and cut out 130 leaves and then write encouraging messages on them, telling the teachers what an amazing job they’re doing! They put leaves up on each and every teacher’s box one morning before they arrived at work.

One of the teachers went to his class and started the lesson by reading out loud what it said on the
leaf he had found on his box. Then he asked “Is anyone here part of the CU?” Juliette was in his class so she raised her hand and said “Yes, I’m part of the CU!” He looked at her and said that their note had made his day, and he thanked her in front of everybody.

All it took was some paper leaves and Juliette was able to be a light in her school and make her teacher’s day in this simple everyday way. What can you do to cheer someone up today?


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