Easter Events in London

Posted: 16 May 11 | By: NG Team

Easter is a great opportunity to organise something in your school and tell people about God. One group in London realised this and decided to take action. They got some boards and built a cross, took it into the playground, and got people to write all over it!

They also organised an assembly with a drama, a talk, some raps and some videos. Held at different times for different year groups, the assemblies were a great success, and they took the chance to invite people back to an evening event they were organising for Easter. 40 people showed up, and 15 of them decided they wanted to become Christians that evening!

Still not satisfied, they decided to get famous international cricketer Henry Olonga in to talk about his Christian faith, and over 150 people attended the assembly, and one person decided to give their life to Jesus.

It’s great to see that when you put some effort into organising an event, amazing things can happen. Don’t forget to write and tell us about your latest event, idea or answer to prayer.


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