Even Finns Need a Bible

Posted: 09 Feb 11 | By: NG Team

You’ve probably heard us say that everyone in your school needs a Bible, but have you thought about the fact that the whole world needs one?

It’s been over 5 years since we printed our first batch of Bibles for New Generation Finland, and the Team there are excited to be holding a brand new version of our New Testament for schools and excited about what could come from the project.

“We’re really happy with the new Bibles” says Finnish Teamer Maria Vauhkala. “We’d almost distributed all our old Bibles, so we really needed a new version!” she adds. We’ve printed 3000 Bibles and we think all of them will be handed out in schools pretty soon!”

Like our English NG Bible, the Finnish NTs have Jesus on the cover and 64 colour pages with testimonies, stories and info about the Christian faith, and obviously we’ve also included the actual Bible text in between…in modern day Finnish. If you’ve ever seen Finnish you’ll know they have words almost as long as the Welsh, so this time around we got smart and used thinner paper to avoid ending up with Bibles that look like bricks. The result, a nice slim pocket-sized New Testament that any young Finn would be proud to give to a classmate.

Don’t just leave it to the Scandinavians to spread the word. Join the Bible Project and hand some out in your school this Easter, by stopping by our subsite and ordering yours here.

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