Christmas in Keuruu

Posted: 21 Dec 12 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

These four young heroes from Finland, in a small town called Keuruu, have been meeting twice a week to pray using a “Prayer Hitlist”. The girls have listed out their friends in school who they wish to pray for, believing that God will change their lives.

The girls have also put up ‘Text-a-Prayer’ posters from NG+ on our website with a number that people can text to and receive prayer from the group.

On top of that, the girls wanted to reach out recently in this Christmas season, so their plan was to cheer students up with something they had made themselves, and they came up with a brilliant idea! They decided to make tasty toffees and give them out in the school canteen after lunch whilst telling people the message of Jesus, the story of Christmas, and what their group is about. Who could resist free toffee!? 🙂


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