Get Wired!

Posted: 08 Feb 11 | By: NG Team

Wow, what a day! If you were anywhere else but at Wired last Saturday then, sorry, but you totally missed out.
Last Saturday around 30 young people with a passion for Jesus and their schools got together at Infusion Coffee Shop in Nottingham for Wired: Faith, Hope & School. Wired is an inspiration day for anyone involved in running a New Generation group or a Christian Union, and is a a fun day filled with sessions, socialising and games.

We cover everything from leadership, outreach ideas, fundraising and social action, to what resources are available to your group and how to deal with opposition and tough situations in school. Of course there’s also loads of stories and testimonies about what other young people are doing.

“It was fun to see so many young people passionate about their schools at Wired”, said Katrina, one of the organisers from New Generation’s Central Team.

If you missed this Wired, or think it’s worth going a second time (!), you still have the chance. This Saturday, the 12th February, we’re hosting Wired in Bristol, and on the 28th we take our Wired day to Manchester, so drop us a line and let us know if you’re interested by contacting for Bristol and for Manchester. See you there!


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