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God Provides for High Wycombe Groups

Posted: 09 May 12 | By: NG Team

God is willing and waiting to back up your initiative!

We just a received an amazing email from Jessica, the leader of a CU in High Wycombe. Here’s what she said…

“I gave a notice at my church on Sunday – briefly explaining about the Bible project and the impact it had on my school last time we did it. After I had given my notice, the leader said that every penny which went in the weekly offering would go directly to the Bible project! I took the money home and counted it and it came to £614.07! It was mind blowing! We really sense that this project is from God and has given us a huge encouragement! The other members of CU have yet to ask their churches so it is likely that this amount will go up shortly! We have decided not only to limit the Bible project to our school, but to give some Bibles to CU’s within the area so that they can do a Bible project too! I am so excited about it all!”

If you have a group or even if you are on your own you can hand out Bibles in your school or college. Sometimes we need to take a step of faith for God to do something amazing.

If you’re interested then check out this link: www.newgeneration.co.uk/bible

or email us at hello@newgeneration.co.uk

  1. kathryn | 09 May 12

    Wow! This is awesome and so encouraging! 🙂 God is good!

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