grace academy darlaston cu

Grace Academy Darlaston

Posted: 03 May 12 | By: NG Team

Say hello to the CU at Grace Academy, Darlaston… Last year this CU was up and running for only 3 weeks when they did their first outreach!

On Valentines Day they got 600 valentines days cards sponsored from the school. In the cards they
taped candy in tiny plastic bags and wrote encouraging messages.

One of the CU members said that he did not have high expectations, but when he saw the response
he realised how wrong he was.

People became so happy and exited, many of them started asking the question “Why are you doing
this?” One girl from the CU said that she got 3 random hugs from students she’d never met before.
hey were so thankful! And it was a total success.

The CU is still going and trying to make Jesus known to the people at Grace Academy Darlaston.

The outreach you plan can so outdo your expectations – have courage!


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