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Posted: 17 Jan 11 | By: NG Team

The Christmas break is now well-and-truly over and we hope that all of you had a lovely time over the break! We thought we’d wish you a Happy New Year with this message that came in to our South Team from one of their North Somerset groups in Weston-Super-Mare.

“Hello, here are the details of our cookie hand-out.

Our school CU has always been about fellowship, meeting with other Christians and developing our relationship with Jesus. We are just a small group that normally just keep to ourselves. But this school year we decided that purpose of our CU would now be to evangelise and to care for others. With the Christmas season fast approaching we decided that we wanted to share some Christmas joy with others in our school. When you stop believing in Santa, unless you’re a Christian, Christmas kind of loses any importance.

Teachers work tirelessly in our school and as young people we don’t always appreciate that. Often we take their guidance for granted or criticise their lessons. As a Christian Union we decided that we wanted to thank our teachers, so we sent them a Christmas package. We met after school, each member of the CU brought along some cookies, biscuits and small cakes and we divided them up between all of the faculties. We wrote Christmas cards with seasonal blessings and encouraging Bible verses. After wrapping them up we then delivered them to offices around the school. We wanted to leave them on desks without teachers knowing so when they returned to work the next day there would be a surprise. In practice this did not work out as some teachers will still in school. The teachers were very grateful and wished us a Merry Christmas, and those whose desks we did manage to sneak the sweets onto were coming up to CU members afterwards asking “were you responsible for the cookies in my office?”

We really enjoyed serving our school and plan to do something similar at Easter.

– Alice”

  1. Katrina Stephan | 17 Jan 11

    I Love This!!!

  2. Mr Coles | 17 Jan 11

    Thank you – an excellent thing to do.
    Well done Alice and all the others.

  3. Miss Murphy | 17 Jan 11

    You guys rocks – what a lovely thing to do!!! Thanks xx

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