Hey there… Jess!

Posted: 12 Sep 12 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

I’m Jess, and I’m from Mighty Mighty Manchester! 4 years ago, a very excited German visited my youth group on a Sunday morning and told us about these groups of young people my age doing things in their schools. Simple things like giving out cookies, sticking Bible verses on lockers, and praying for their schools. He shared how God was using them all over Europe to spread the Christian message and even see their friends come to know Jesus. I was really excited about what God was doing, but certain that it couldn’t happen in my school and 100% sure there were NO other Christians that would join me. My youth leaders pushed me to sign up anyway, which led to a visit from a New Generation Teamer, and a week later I was meeting to pray for my school with 3 other girls and planning our first outreach! Though we were scared and weak, God isn’t – and by the end of High School, he provided money for us to buy exactly the number of Bibles we wanted to give away, plus some for the RE classrooms!!

Sooo, 4 years later I’m starting out as one of those crazy excited New Generation Teamers, and I’m extremely excited to hear what God is doing in your schools, and how he is using you brave and amazing young heroes. Remember, he can use you, no matter how scared you are or how alone and inadequate you feel!, and also remember that my Team and I are here to help, so get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to come and meet you over a coffee or visit your school!


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