Idea #32: Hold a Christmas Event

Posted: 27 Nov 12 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

Organise a carol concert. Christmas is an excellent time to share the gospel. You could even show a presentation about Jesus, which you can get from us if you ask nicely!

Whether you choose to do a massive carol concert with awesome lighting and breathtaking choreography, or a small and cosy a-cappella performance, your schoolmates are bound to be interested in something student-made. It could be good fun, and a great chance to share with your school who Jesus is and why we celebrate Christmas.

If you are looking for a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation that you can use to talk about Jesus to your peers, we have an outreach pack containing some handy ‘Jesus-style’ resources including a poster, flyer, guidelines and presentation files over at NG+. Click here to check out and download our free outreach packs!

This idea is pulled from the ’101 Ideas’ magazine, a great new resource chock-full with tips & ideas, ranging from big creative outreaches to small positive intiatives for you to throw into a brainstorming session, plan into your CU’s calendar, have a go at, or to get your creative juices flowing for some fresh new ideas of your own!

For more ideas, check out the mag here: The team will also be bringing printed mags to group visits and youth meetings so let us know if you need more than a handful!


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