Idea #47: Be a Friend For Someone

Posted: 05 Nov 12 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

“Sit next to a lonely person you normally don’t hang out with in the canteen.”

This is a simple gesture when you think about it, but one that God can use and multiply. Here’s an example of a young person from Russia who did something similar:

“Hi, my name is Motya and I live in Moscow. One day I was on the metro and I noticed a girl in the same carriage with a nice pair of shoes, so I started a conversation with her and talked about fashion for a while. We quickly became friends and we stayed in touch, and after a few months I was able to bring Masha to church. At first she was pretty negative about the whole thing and found it a bit strange, but she softened up pretty quickly and 5 months after our first meeting on the underground, she became a Christian. Now she’s playing it forward and spreading the message of Jesus to others in her college. Less than 6 months after her own change of direction, Masha’s friend Lilia made the same choice to follow Jesus. That’s 2 new Christians in less than a year, all off the back of a ‘by-chance’ meeting on a train and a conversation about a pair of shoes!”

This idea is pulled from the ’101 Ideas’ magazine, a great new resource chock-full with tips & ideas, ranging from big creative outreaches to small positive intiatives for you to throw into a brainstorming session, plan into your CU’s calendar, have a go at, or to get your creative juices flowing for some fresh new ideas of your own!

For more ideas, check out the mag here: The team will also be bringing printed mags to group visits and youth meetings so let us know if you need more than a handful!


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