Idea #56: Spread The Word

Posted: 07 Jan 13 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

Call the New Generation Teamers and tell them what’s happening at your school. That way they can pass on your stories and encourage other groups and members around the country.

If you and your group are doing an outreach or prayer initiative, or if God has done something in your school, we’d love to hear about it. Not only is it an encouragement for us, but ultimately the stories young individuals and groups share with us can travel the world and inspire other young people to take action in their school.

There is power in your testimony no matter how big or small, so why not get in touch with us using the details found at the bottom of the website.

This idea is pulled from the ’101 Ideas’ magazine, a great new resource chock-full with tips & ideas, ranging from big creative outreaches to small positive intiatives for you to throw into a brainstorming session, plan into your CU’s calendar, have a go at, or to get your creative juices flowing for some fresh new ideas of your own!

For more ideas, check out the mag here: http://www.newgeneration.co.uk/magazine. The team will also be bringing printed mags to group visits and youth meetings so let us know if you need more than a handful!


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