Idea #80: Serve Warmth this Winter

Posted: 14 Jan 13 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

A group in a university in Finland knitted 150 pairs of gloves to hand out to their friends and classmates. That’s quite a lot of work…but maybe you can make at least a handful (oops, bad joke!), and give them away in the cold winter.

Sometimes just doing something in love and out of the ordinary can start a chain reaction of thoughts and questions which in turn can lead someone and potentially many more to Christ. Why not brainstorm with your group and try to come up with something that’ll catch people’s attention, or serve them in ways no-one else can or has before. It’s good fun and you never know what might happen!

This idea is pulled from the ’101 Ideas’ magazine, a great new resource chock-full with tips & ideas, ranging from big creative outreaches to small positive intiatives for you to throw into a brainstorming session, plan into your CU’s calendar, have a go at, or to get your creative juices flowing for some fresh new ideas of your own!

For more ideas, check out the mag here: http://www.newgeneration.co.uk/magazine. The team will also be bringing printed mags to group visits and youth meetings so let us know if you need more than a handful!


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