I’m a Christian, Ask Me Why

Posted: 02 Feb 11 | By: NG Team

Once upon a time, a young man named Johan, from a small city in the south of Sweden, came up with a crazy idea. He decided to print posters that featured a picture of himself accompanied by the words ‘I’m a Christian, ask me why?’. This classic New Generation story has since been adopted and adapted by young people all over the world, from Switzerland to Singapore to Finland to Indonesia.

One New Generation member in England, Alice, has brought to light a new way of using this now famous idea. After seeing a friend with a Facebook profile pic featuring the words ‘I am a Christian, ask me why’, she asked him to make her one. After uploading it to her profile, she’s had loads of responses…however, not quite in the way she expected. “I have had a lot of responses, not via Facebook itself, but at school. Several people have stopped to say ‘I saw your Facebook picture, what do you believe?’ which has been a real blessing”, she says.

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