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Landau Forte Academy

Posted: 23 Jan 12 | By: NG Team

Meet the group from Landau Forte Academy Amington in Tamworth!
We met this group for the first time in September. They started the year with 7 people with 2 non-
Christians coming along to their group. They met on Mondays to discuss a bible verse and on Fridays
they did a catch up on how the week had been.

One of the group members even gave one person a NG bible.

We met them in November and by the end of autumn their group doubled to about 14 and there were many
more people interested in the group.

They bravely got up in assembly to advertise their group and the response was positive. They then decided to do a Christmas Party at the end of term and fixed the date for the 9th Dec! They had lots of brilliant ideas and got in contact to ask for more.

The day came and three of them were waiting in the room, when a group of boys came in and stole the
biscuits and Lucy said she thought it would go bad! Thankfully the boys came and brought the biscuits back.

Then hear what Lucy told us:

‘In our Christian union we decided to have a Christmas party to advertise our CU. After a few weeks of
planning the day came. We were so excited! Once everyone had arrived we had about 20-25 people which
is amazing! Some non-Christians and some Christians! After a while people started playing games. It was
such a great atmosphere! We had help from a youth leader near us called Matt, he introduced us to New
Generation! Nearly all of the food disappeared! It was a great time and lots of people seemed interested!
Hopefully in the new year we will start seeing new faces in our CU. It just goes to show what you can
achieve when you put your faith in it!’

We thank God for this amazing story and want to encourage everyone to have faith in God to work through
their group!


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