Lollipops in Switzerland

Posted: 15 Sep 11 | By: NG Team

Julian, Michaël, Dani and Simon of the NG Group in Breuleux, Switzerland, wanted to do an outreach to make Jesus known in their school, so they decided to pool their pocket money and buy 140 lollipops. They then handed them out to each student in the school together with a note saying “Smile! You’re a great person and it’s nice to be in school with you!”.

Simon explained: “We prepared everything on a Saturday, then on the last Wednesday before the holidays we handed everything out, and it was a really happy moment! Loads of people asked why we did this, or who it was from. We even heard someone say “Do you really think that which is written on the note?” At first we were afraid to talk about God, but we knew it was the right thing to do, and once we did it, the fear was gone and we were able to testify. A lot of friends were amazed and touched.

One guy who often bullies me got one as well; and I could see the question written on his face: “Why are you so nice to me?” The teachers were also happy, and were surprised to get a gift like this.”

It’s great to know that groups all around the world are doing outreaches in their school. Even though you might be alone in your school, there’s loads more people doing the same thing as you are!


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