Love Week 2.0

Posted: 14 Mar 12 | By: NG Team

The week after Valentine’s Day, God’s love was spread throughout the whole of Redcliffe Sixth Form.

Last year, Redcliffe Sixth Form CU got the idea to have a week near Valentine’s day that was just to show God’s love to the pupils and staff. They called it ‘Love Week’ and it was such a blessing for both
the CU and the sixth form. It was such a success that they decided to do it again this year, even though Valentine’s day was in the half term, so they did it the week after.
We had the privilege to be there when they had their brainstorming meeting and to hear all the ideas they had for this outreach. Creativity was not lacking in the Christian Union for this event, just days in a week.

Here is what Sam, one of the leaders in the Christian Union, said about what they did in this year’s ‘Love Week’;

“On the Monday we gave out over 400 cakes with bible verses attached in the common room, the following day we ran ‘Cookie for a Question’ in which people could ask any questions that they had about faith and
in return would get a cookie, and hopefully an answer! This was amaaaazing 😀 People had so many questions we ran straight through lunch and then half way through the next period!
On the Wednesday we held a teacher and staff car wash, cleaning their cars for free. Then on the Thursday in CU we held an open session and showed a video about Christianity and Science which was very interesting and around 70 attended (15-25 haven’t been to the CU before):) Finally on the Friday we were all challenged to compliment or encourage 5 different people throughout the day!
Hopefully some seeds have been sown, praise God for all the work he’s doing!!! 😀 Blessings guys, keep up the encouragements!”

We hope that this story will encourage others to do something! The Redcliffe CU had loads of different outreaches in one week(!), but depending on how many people and how much time you have, you might not
be able to do all of this. The key is to pray, plan, prepare and then just do it, however big or small. Then, let God do the rest!


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