Mug of Love

Posted: 16 Dec 10 | By: NG Team

Here’s a Facebook-message that the North Team got from Paige, a member of one of their groups:
“Thank you for coming today, it was really nice to meet you! As requested, here is my very special way of doing Prayer: The MUG OF LOVE. So basically you get a mug and then write down prayer requests for your school and your schoolmates on paper and put them into the “Mug of Love”. The you pray over the requests along the lines of “Lord, in the Bible, you promise that you’ll listen to us when we’re in need. So Lord, I lift up these prayers to ask you to do your will in these situations and for these people, whether it’s for healing or just for you to intervene in these situations. I thank you for being a caring God who listens and is there when we’re at our lowest.. Amen” 🙂 I’m not the best at writing prayers so you might think of something better to say! After that, let God do what he does best and once this issue has been resolved take it out of the Mug of Love. Simple!”
Nice one Paige! If you have an unusual prayer technique or just a classic idea you want to share with other groups, Facebook us like Paige did, or send us an email at


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