Waffles & Bibles in Norway

Posted: 03 Dec 10 | By: NG Team

In a town called Lillestrøm, just outside of the Norwegian capital Oslo, a group of about 20 people decided to set up a New Generation group in their school. One of the members of the group, Andreas Skulstad, explains that the purpose of the group is primarily to reach the school with the gospel and make Jesus known.“In the beginning we spent a good amount of time planning and praying for each other and building up the group” Andreas says, “and now we’ve become a permanent group that meets every Monday at lunch time.” He goes on to say “The goal is to engage in outwardly focused work and not just think internally, so now on Mondays we’re planning what we’ll do for Christmas”. The group has already gotten started by setting up a table and handing out waffles to create a good atmosphere in the school. “We made about 20 litres of waffle batter and had a giant banner that said FREE WAFFLES by the table. Word spread throughout the school and we got talking with people about God while they were waiting for a fresh waffle”, says Andreas.

The group also advertised another event where they invited a guest speaker who came and talked about his faith and explained the Gospel in a clear, relevant way. Eight people at the meeting actually said they’d like to pray the prayer of salvation. “It’s been a fantastic start and we’re really looking forward to Christmas. The next project is to hand out 700 Bibles, and we’re already planning a huge Valentine’s Day outreach in February next year” Andrew tells.


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