Spread the Christmas Cheer!

Posted: 10 Dec 12 | By: NG Team

You know that Christmas is here when Coca-Cola starts broadcasting it’s Christmas adverts! With that conclusion drawn, it is now official; Christmas has finally come. And it’s bringing the entire world sparkly decoration, mince pies and the nose-tickling smell of Gingerbread. The stores are playing the same Christmas songs over and over again, and the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree has now begun.

In all of this Christmas hysteria, it can be easy to forget what Christmas is really about, and that’s not all of the Christmassy confectionary or the new Xbox that may lie underneath the Christmas tree waiting for you this year. More than anything else, it’s about how a young girl named Mary was given the task to bring Jesus in to her world, how he came here and later restored the relationship between God and all of humankind. It’s about how we all received the ultimate Christmas gift, Jesus Christ.

So the question is, when Jesus was brought to earth because Mary answered: “I am the Lord’s servant”, when the greatest tasks of all was laid upon her, how will you bring Jesus in to your world? Will you meet the needs of your freezing classmates this Christmas and decide to bring them warmth in the form of hot chocolate in your school? Or maybe finally give your friend a wrapped-up bible as a Christmas gift? Without Christ, there would be no Christmas to celebrate, so why not serve your school and share the true Christmas spirit this year!


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