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St Peter’s School

Posted: 20 Jan 12 | By: NG Team

We met Kathryne at the end of last year when she was in year 11 at St. Peter’s School, Bournemouth. She was alone then and it was a bit hard and nerve-racking for her to start something. One of the challenges that Kathryne faced was that being in a Catholic school, many of her friends thought they knew everything about Christianity and often weren’t interested in hearing anything more about it; however, we recently got sent this encouraging email:

“I’m now in Sixth Form and I’m starting up a CU. I’ve managed to get 5 other students helping me to start it up and we’ve got the school chapel every second Wednesday…”

And in a later email:

“… After the first CU meeting we have now about 10 very keen people to help which is AMAZING!!!”

That’s amazing!!! Well done Kathryne and keep it up St. Peter’s School CU! We just want to encourage you to have the boldness to do something in your school/college. It’s not always easy- in fact it’s often the opposite, but what you do is making a difference!


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