Text-A-Prayer Poster

Posted: 14 Sep 11 | By: NG Team

At NG, we like to pride ourselves in stealing ideas.

Sounds like a great Christian motto doesn’t it?! Allow me to explain, all over the NG network young people come up with creative ways of doing outreach into their school. Whenever we hear of a good idea, we want to tell as many people about it as possible. This way we can spread stories all over Europe and see the same great idea replicated over and over again!

Last year, we came across another one of those simple and brilliant ideas. The NG group in Xaverian College, Manchester, put up a poster saying “Text-A-Prayer”, with a phone number under it. The idea was that people in the school with a prayer request could send it to that phone number, and the Christian Group would pray for it. Often people would like prayer but are a bit scared to ask for it, so this is a great, fairly anonymous solution. Loads of people texted in their prayer requests, and the CU got praying.

So, after asking of course, we stole idea, and designed 2 posters for it. They’re now on NG+, where we have all our resources on the website, and you can print them out for free. If you use them, don’t forget to tell us how it went! We’re always happy to hear stories from you in your school, so contact your local Team, or email hello@newgeneration.co.uk.


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