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Valentine’s Day

Posted: 09 Feb 12 | By: NG Team

“…and now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

It seems that love is pretty important according to the bible, and with Valentine’s Day coming up what better time to share a little bit of love. What’s even better is that ‘God is love’! (1 John 4:8) So why not build God’s kingdom this Valentine’s Day by showing your school what God is all about by sharing His love around. God’s love is powerful! It really can change your school!

There are so many different ways you can show God’s love:

– Hand out bibles. No-one can tell us more about God’s love than Himself.
– Have an open CU meeting aimed at non-Christians; show the people in your school what it’s like to meet with a loving God.
– Stick up some posters around school with verses about how God loves us.
– Hug square. Tape a square on the floor and hug everyone who walks through it. To promote it you could put up posters, or tape the word ‘hugs’ in the middle of the square.

Is there someone you know who’s a bit down or who needs a bit of extra attention. Do something nice for them this Valentine’s Day. Buy them a coffee, some chocolate or maybe you could do something more inventive.

Or maybe there is a more specific need in your school that needs addressing. Try brainstorming the needs of your school, and see which you think is the biggest. Is bullying or racism a big problem? Then maybe you could organise and anti-bullying or anti-racism day. Perhaps the issue in your school is that there are a lot of lonely people. What could your CU do to make them feel less lonely? Or it could even be as simple as there is never enough toilet paper in your toilets, maybe you could buy a few rolls and hand it out at break or lunch. These are just a few of the possibilities you can try in your school. Whatever your school’s need is, see if you can find a creative way to fill it. What can your group do for free in your school (because we all know that God’s love is free!!!)

Ps. If you’re on half term during Valentines day, why not buy some chocolate hearts on sale and hand out the week when you get back?

Have fun everyone!


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