Wanted: Christians

Posted: 12 Sep 11 | By: NG Team

Are you the only Christian in your school?

Often we hear about young people who want to start a CU, but have a problem: they’re the only Christian in the school. Well, often this is not actually the case, they just don’t know any other Christians.

The problem is, these other Christians don’t know them either. So they could go to the same school for a couple of years, but never realise they’re both Christians, just because they go to a different church. With that in mind, we designed the Wanted Christians poster. If you want to start a CU, but you don’t know any other Christians, stick this poster all over your school and write a place to meet on it, and most likely you’ll quickly realise you’re not alone.

You can download the poster from NG+ and print it, or get in touch with your local team. We like these posters so much that we printed a whole bunch of them on A3-size, which the Teams usually have with them when they visit a school. They’d be happy to give you a bunch for free. If you’re not living in an area served by 1 of the Teams, shoot us an email at hello@newgeneration.co.uk, and we’ll sent you a bunch through the good ol’ Snail Mail.


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