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Why I’m Teaming #Anna

Posted: 11 Feb 13 | By: NG Team

I wish I had a CU myself in my school so that I every day could have been reminded about God and my faith. Instead I hid it a bit and only mentioned it if I really had to. I wasn’t ashamed of my faith, I just didn’t want to share it. It was more important to fit in.
So to be a teamer for 10 months, the person that I needed to help me back in school, feels awesome. My favourite time of the day is the time we spend in the car, because either we are excited about the meeting we are on the way to or we are amazed by the people we just met. I get so inspired and impressed by all the young people who stand up for Jesus in their school. I also realise how much more brave they are than I was in my school.

I’m from Sweden, but I chose to be a teamer in England because it felt like a bigger adventure, and it is! To improve my English skills, be a part of the English culture and be able to see Britain’s beautiful nature every day is such a privilege, and I absolutely love it. Plus, I get to live and work with amazing people, and meet teamers from all over the world. Teaming with NG, I have gained experience and friends for life. I could never regret this year – a Gap Year with New Generation really is A Year Like No Other!

By: Anna Knutsson


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