As well as developing resources and visiting schools, we travel the country to speak at youth meetings, put on training days and take part in events and festivals. Here’s where you find out how you can be part of a New Generation training day or bring the Team to your church, and also where we’ll be so you can stop by our stand and pay us a visit at an event in your area. We’d love to connect with you!

Faith, Hope & School Day

Faith, Hope & School is a fun, interactive training day for anyone involved in a Christian group in school/college, or interested in getting involved or starting a new group. Click ‘read more’ for some info on what to expect at FHS:

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NG Events in Your Area

If you’re interested in finding out more about New Generation, a great way to see what it’s all about and have a look at our resources is to come along when the Team is at an event or youth meeting in your area. Just click through for a list of upcoming dates and locations.

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NG at Your Church/Event

Bringing the New Generation Team to a youth meeting or event is a great way to get your young people thinking about their schools. Whether it’s through a talk, presentation or workshop, we’ll not only inspire and challenge them, but also provide ideas, info and resources to help them get going. Click through for more info on how we can work together.

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Test of Faith

Chip Kendall, of thebandwithnoname fame, has a new project he’s running having teamed up with the organisation Test of Faith, and we’re excited to be in on the partnership.The idea is to use music as a tool to explore the relationship between science and religion, and challenge the common perception that they are in conflict with one another. Click here to read more.

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