Healings From The Start!

Posted: 14 Oct 11 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

Several healed during an NG-group’s second meeting in Fredrik II High School, Norway!

At Fredrik II High School, Norway; there are now over 10 unexpected heroes running a New Generation group. They told us that they began in Autumn with prayer meetings and had their first outreach event in late September.

“After the first meeting, we planned a prayer meeting specifically for healing and advertised it. There were lots of people present at the meeting and several people were healed- even someone of a different faith!” said one of the members of the group, Ole Martin.

Jesus has been invited into the school and he’s been working powerfully from the start.

Martin continued: “There has been a real buzz in our school and we hear of many wanting to come to the next meeting and see what is going on.”

What better way to start the school year than to have good conversations with people about faith and Jesus and see the power of God touch your friends!

  1. Jim Toner | 14 Oct 11

    Great to see how God is using young people in Norway!

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