Chocolate in Switzerland

Posted: 11 Feb 11 | By: NG Team

NGUK is part of a big international family, and we just heard a story from New Generation Switzerland about three 11-year olds from Lully-Sézenove School in Geneva whose group did an outreach at the end of last year.

They brought a pot of chocolate and filled it with encouraging notes saying things like “It’s great to have you in our class!”, “You are a fantastic person!”, and “You’re awesome, “. All in all there were 21 notes, one for each student and for two for the teachers. Ilan, the leader of the NG group in the school, summed up the reaction of his fellow students in one sentence: “They were really touched and afterwards came to ask us questions… Basically it was really cool!”

What a great way of making your class happy and showing them the love of God.


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