“Coincidental” Meeting

Posted: 20 Oct 10 | By: NG Team

Rachel from Norwich tells us the story of how a “coincidental” meeting with the Central Team in Birmingham one Friday night was just what she needed to step up and start something in her school.

“I had been praying a lot about my future leading the CU at my school. I felt like God was wanting me to take on the leadership role even though I was new to the school. I realised it would be a big commitment so I was praying for help and encouragement in it all. Then that weekend I was just visiting a friend in Birmingham at his church and after the service I met the lovely New Generation Team who were also there visiting the church that night! I just started talking to Lennart, the Central Team Leader, and mentioned starting to lead a CU at my school in Norwich. Then when he said that his job is to help Christian school groups I was amazed… I could see that even though it felt like a coincidence, God had obviously completely planned for us to be in that place on that night because it was just the kind of help I’d been praying for! Things got even more amazing when Lennart said they would be in Norwich that coming Thursday, so we met up and I’m so greatful for each of them and to God for his beautiful planning. Now I’m looking forward to seeing and being part of the extraordinary things God will do in our school through ordinary us! :)”


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