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God Can Use Your Quirkiness

Posted: 25 Mar 13 | By: NG Team

Maybe you still love Pokémon, perhaps your hair is so big that it makes you look 5 inches taller, you’re possibly that person who sings way too loudly and maybe your laugh sounds more like a cackle. We all have these habits and hobbies that we don’t really want to see exposed in the tabloids. Sometimes these less flattering personal traits make us feel out of place and awkward, and this awkwardness might even make us think “really God, can you use this?”

But you know what? I believe that what we define as flaws are actually strengths, things that makes us stand out from the crowd. And actually if there is something that God can use it’s just that, the things that make us different. If you love comic books, make a comic book about the gospel. If you sing way too much, sing about how much Jesus loves your friends, if you laugh too loud and too often, laugh with your friends whilst sharing your testimony.

Let’s decide to stop seeing our quirks as flaws. Let’s embrace our own uniqueness and realise that this is something amazing that can be used by God. Let’s start to think a little bit bigger about ourselves and our gifts. Let’s make Gods kingdom a place of colour. Because really, if God wanted you any different, he would have made you so.


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