Great Kickoff at Lindesnes

Posted: 29 Sep 11 | By: NG Team

The NG Group at Lindesnes School in Norway had a great start to the year.

They kicked it all off on a Monday, handing out 200 homemade sweet buns to anyone who wanted them. They also did a quiz, with some great prizes to win. On Tuesday they held a go-kart racing event, and many students showed up to participate despite the rain outside. On Thursday they continued with a meeting in which the winners of both the quiz and the go-kart race were announced; and after that they shared a devotional about how Jesus is our best friend. What a great way to put on some fun events, and let the school hear about Jesus!

  1. Jim Toner | 29 Sep 11

    God bless my brothers and sisters in Norway. I love you in Jesus. Continue to do His work, and He will bless you.

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