Nottingham Group Growth

Posted: 25 May 11 | By: NG Team

The leaders of a Christian group in Nottingham recently wrote to tell us how their group has been growing, so we decided to encourage the rest of you out there and post the message.

“Since the start of 2011 the New Generation group in our school has grown from around 12 people a week to just over 50 people a week, and 18 people have become Christians! This is not by our own efforts, but by the grace of God.

It all started in November after a time of prayer and fasting. A few of us were really praying to God about our school and waiting on Him to see where He wanted us to go next. We decided that there needed to be a change, and to refresh what we were doing, so we changed the layout of the room. We set up rows of sofas and chairs facing the front…and we changed the structure of our meetings. We introduced a time of prayer, worship and a talk.

We’ve also held different outreaches for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and for the year elevens who are leaving. Some of the events included getting guests in to sing, dance, rap or speak, and we also held a ‘Grill a Christian’ type event where people came and asked us any questions they had. For our biggest outreach so far we bought 15 pizzas and put on an event that drew over 90 people! We used the opportunity to give a final message to the year elevens.

We’re so grateful to God for all that He’s done, and we pray that He continues to work in all the schools around our country. The best piece of advice we can give to any New Generation group is to pray and seek God’s perfect will.”


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