Hearts on Lockers

Posted: 28 Jan 13 | By: NG Team

Valentines Day is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year. It’s supposed to be a time when everyone feels loved, appreciated and drowned in cascades of pink hearts and red roses – Yet it can be the exact opposite. It can be the loneliest time of year instead; so lonely in fact, some no longer see a reason to exist.

A couple of years ago a Christian Union in Sweden decided to do something to change this. Nothing grand, just a small act of love to make sure that everyone got at least some display of affection that Valentines Day. They sat down together and cut out hearts on which they wrote nice messages, and put one on each locker door in their entire school.

What they didn’t know was that for one girl, there was only one reason for going to school that Valentines Day. She had come to clear her locker so that her family didn’t have to after she had committed suicide, which she had planned to do that very day. Little did the CU know that she had made a deal with God that morning: If he gave her one small sign that her life had meaning, she wouldn’t end it. When she walked towards her locker she could see something unusual, a small heart. She approached her locker and read 5 words that would literally save her life, “Your life has a meaning.” She started to read the other hearts to see if they had the same message on them, but she soon found that her heart was unique. Because of this heart, this small act of love, she then decided to live, found the CU and became a Christian!

If your CU wants to put hearts on lockers this Valentines Day, why not take part in our Facebook competition and win a kit of 50 pre-cut hearts with messages on them for your school.

>> Find it here!

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