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I’m a Teamer Get Me Out of Here

Posted: 05 Mar 13 | By: NG Team

Leave three city girls in a dark forest for a night. Make them find their food in the woods, watch them struggle to survive the evening and complete ultimate challenges chosen by the viewers. And when the night is over, make them find their way back home without transport, without a map, without any clue of where they are and without the aid of their precious iPhones.  

No, this is not just another reality TV-show. We (The New Generation UK team) are taking fundraising to an entirely new level and have decided to do “I’m a Teamer, Get Me Out of Here” – IRL. In two weeks time you can be a part of making this happen to the UK team by sponsoring New Generation with your money.

Why? Because we care enough about New Generation to sacrifice convenience and comfort. We care so much about the vision of New Generation that we’re willing to face potential mental breakdown out in the wild, and then display our weakest moments on Facebook for your amusement.

Do you want to see videos of your beloved NG team swallowing repulsively unappetizing substances appear on your Facebook feed? Then click in to Just Giving and donate money to New Generation to make the challenges on the “Challenge stair” happen. If you’d like to sponsor us with £2 or £200 that’s completely up to you, but if you want to make sure that the suffering is ultimate we highly recommend you to dig a little bit deeper in to your pockets.

The challenge stair:

£25 – Repeat Rebecca Blacks “Friday” 10 times in the dark, cold forest
£50 – Hug a tree for one hour
£100 – The ultimate smoothie
£200 – Wasabi contest
£500 – Bush Tukka trials

Just giving:

Why we’re doing this:


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