Keep Going

Posted: 10 Apr 13 | By: NG Team

The end of term is getting closer, and what an amazing year it’s been so far! We’ve absolutely loved hearing about all the creative and exciting outreaches that have been going on. Like at Ashfield School in Nottingham, where the group handed out cookies with bible verses in their school for Valentine’s Day or Matt from Stoke-on-Trent, who gave out hot cross buns to advertise the start-up of his CU.
Or the group from Gordano School in Bristol that handed out cakes and did “Grill-a-Christian“, an event that got so many people interested that they’re now also organizing “Grill-an-Atheist” just to keep the conversation about faith going at school. Even though it’s now getting close to the end of the year, they’ve decided to keep going until the very end of the school term and are going to hand out bibles at the end of the year.

Likewise, we want to encourage you and your CU to keep going throughout the term so that in the end of the year we can share stories together and see how God has done even more things in the schools of the UK this year.
If you’d like some help or want the NG team to visit your school, don’t hesitate to send us a message on Facebook or email us.





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