Kiwis love Ice Creams

Posted: 04 Nov 11 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

Whilst the UK nears winter, things are warming up in New Zealand, so here’s what one group did to help their fellow peers cool off in the kiwi sun.

Inspired by the stories of other New Generation groups from around the world, 30 students from the Christian group at Manurewa High School in Auckland, New Zealand got together this week and gave out personalised cups of ice-cream in their school.

They each put in $5-$10 (NZD) to buy the ice-cream and together decorated several hundred cups with Bible verses using coloured markers. They decided to pray and fast as a group and then on Thursday lunch time they came together to make it happen. They said the coolest thing about handing out the ice-creams was that they got to talk to people about why they were doing this outreach – to show people how awesome God is, and to share His word with them! Although they did see some cups scattered on the ground they said they weren’t discouraged because they had done all that they could and were trusting God with the rest.

Following the outreach, people began to comment on their Facebook page saying they were going to come along to their lunchtime group and others even asking for prayer! Several of their friends accepted Jesus for the first time too.


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