New Christians Start Group

Posted: 25 May 10 | By: NG Team

Read about a couple of new Christians who’ve seen God start to move in their school.

Recently we met up with 3 young girls in Bolton. Just a few weeks ago they started a New Generation group, and in the short time since then the group has already grown to 15 people regularly coming to the meetings…several of them not Christians.

They’ve already had positive feedback from one of the girls after handing out some New Generation Bibles. The girl told the leaders of the group “I read all of the testimonies in the Bible and can’t wait to read more”.

Just a week after the New Generation Team had been to visit the group the leaders wrote to tell us that 4 people had shown interest in becoming Christians during a lunchtime prayer meeting and made decisions to pursue Christian faith.

We’re looking forward to seeing more things to happen in their group, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon too. Why don’t you let this story encourage you to do something in your school?! You don’t have to have been a Christian for 5 years or spent years at Bible College to reach out to your friends. You can start today!


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