NG Classic: Prayer Hit List

Posted: 27 May 10 | By: Brad Hawkes

Over the summer your CU is probably going to slow down a fair bit… and putting up posters all over your empty school whilst your friends are getting sunburned in Spain just doesn’t make that much sense. However, there’s one thing you can do all year round: pray! Read this classic story about Sarah Walsh and be inspired to pray for your school and your friends.

Sarah heard about other New Generation groups praying for their friends at an Anglican youth camp she attended in Nottingham. Inspired by the fact that teenagers in other countries had started to pray, she stepped it up in her CU and organised outreaches, Grill-a-Christian events, and put together a Prayer Hit List with names of people to pray for in her school. Not scared of a challenge, Sarah decided not to go for “easy targets”, instead listing the top ten “baddies” (as she put it) in the school. 2 of the names on the list were boys that had bullied her in school. Together with her Christian friends, she prayed for the list (well, not for the list, but the people…well, you get it), and also decided to battle her bitterness and befriend the bad boys to tell them about Jesus. In just 6 months, 4 people had become Christians, including the bullies! Jordan, who was top of the list, even invited Sarah to his baptism and thanked her publicly for reaching out to him in spite of his bad behaviour, and he’s now a passionate Christian and living proof that God can change lives through an ordinary teenager’s prayers.


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