NG Team Is Back!

Posted: 31 Aug 10 | By: NG Team

The end of summer is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when people are coming back from their holidays well-tanned, when your mother starts talking about schoolbooks and uniforms again, and when the New Generation Teams start arriving back at the base in Birmingham. Yep, that’s right…we’re back at the HQ, and back like never before.

This year we have 16 full-time workers in 5 Teams at 3 bases. Two of those bases are brand-spanking new: the South Team moves to Bristol, the North Team to Manchester, and of course we still have our Central Team in Birmingham. On top of that we’ve got our 1st-ever full-time Media Team and a new Admin Dept.

At the moment all the new Teamers are a couple of days into their first week of training, learning how to do everything from changing a tyre on one of our cars to running a youth meeting. From Monday next week they’ll all be working in the office again, so expect an email or a call over the next couple of weeks, or if you’re really eager, why not call us?!

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